Helping Those in Need

Helping Those in Need

Ministering to the Poor Among Us

There are real needs in our community–needs that almost seem insurmountable.  However, with the compassion for others that Christ puts in our hearts, we have an opportunity to serve others in a very meaningful way. On select dates, Peru First Baptist Church takes responsibilities for the Food Finders and/or Manna on Main Street programs.

When a Food Finders truck is announced, we help distribute larger quantities of food to the needy. Dates and times are announced as available. Contact the office if you’re interested in helping others in this way.

Manna on Main Street is a program whereby local churches take turns serving food, greeting, and often praying with those individuals who come to the Old Firehouse at noon to receive a hot meal. First Baptist Church participates whenever help is needed. If you’re interested in helping with this ministry, contact the office to get on the schedule.

There’s never a loss of places for the hands and feet of Christ to help in our community. We also have several volunteers in community help organizations such as Helping Hands and Birthright.